A manufacturer of glass for home, industrial and automotive markets has been undergoing extensive reorganization and "re-engineering" of its processes. Among other things, it was learned that management did not have adequate access to the company’s data, so a project was undertaken to bring the data together into a "data warehouse".

    Among the features being implemented at the same time was "activity based costing", a way of costing production to more accurately account for indirect labor and other expenses.

    Essential Strategies, Inc. created the corporate data and function models, and presented them to various management groups for verification. It then participated in the design of the data warehouse, and directed the reverse engineering of the legacy systems that will feed it. It specified the architecture for the activity based costing effort. ESI also introduced of a CASE tool and repository as the basis for the architecture of the system. Various people have now been trained in all the skills necessary to bring the system to fruition.